Our Mission

Compute for Everyone. Everywhere.

Helio democratizes compute and empower researchers around the world to solve the worlds biggest challenges.


  • Kevin Häfeli

    Kevin Häfeli

    CEO / Co-Founder

    Co-Founded Helio in 2018, and hasn’t slept since. Relentless driver of ground-breaking ideas and infrastructure/network expert.

    Experienced in running and scaling startups with > 1 Mio CHF revenue.

  • Christoph Buchli

    Christoph Buchli

    CTO / Co-Founder

    Passionate about avoiding waste; Software Engineer on the mission to rebalance computing and making complex systems easy to use.

    Expert in scalable software architecture and research.

  • Rafal Tomczyk

    Rafal Tomczyk

    Head of Partnerships

    Strategic Thinker from FTSE energy major, brings his experience in marketplace design; responsible for strategic partnerships on supply- as well as demand side.

  • Trent Greenland

    Trent Greenland

    Head of Sales

    Experienced Sales and Growth leader who is not afraid to get his hands-dirty. Previously Advisor to Allianz CMO and entrepreneur with his own advertising business; Passionate about computing.

  • Susana Garcia

    Susana Garcia

    Software Engineer / Cloud Architect

    MSc Computer Engineering

    Loves building APIs, writing tests and learning (programming and non programming) languages

  • Labinot Sadiki

    Labinot Sadiki

    Software Engineer / Growth Hacker

    Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering

    Passionate about simplicity in code and design

  • Michael Weibel

    Michael Weibel

    Cloud Architect

    Bachelor Degree Software Engineering

    Experienced Lead Developer

  • Daniel Bößwetter

    Daniel Bößwetter

    DevOps Expert

    Director IT Operations (Fyber)

    DevOps Consultant at Zalando

    CTO at Metabuild.io

  • Daniel Gut

    Daniel Gut

    Kubernetes Guru

    MSc Information and Cyber Security

    Migrated ricardo.ch to k8s

    Loves to build robust, reliable environments

  • Flavian Sierk

    Flavian Sierk

    Software Engineer / Kubernetes Guru

    Software Engineer and Kubernetes Enthusiast

    Builds banking level secure systems and loves tinkering with all things cloud

Join us in making compute accessible for everyone

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  • Max Schulze

    Max Schulze

    Tech Angel Investor & Cloud Visionary

    Co-Founder Nukotoys, CTO Lobster, Chairman Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance

  • Mathias Kutzner

    Mathias Kutzner

    Tech Angel Investor & Team Expert

    Tech Director Team Europe (Berlin), Founding member Hitfox, 20+ active investments

  • Adrian Hilti

    Adrian Hilti

    Tech Entrepreneur

    Founder busuu.com e-learning platform with 100M user worldwide.

  • Cheryl Hung

    Cheryl Hung

    Tech Executive & Public Speaker

    VP of Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), The Linux Foundation

  • Brian Drewes

    Brian Drewes

    Rendering & Visual Effects

    Founder Zync Render (aquired by Google). CEO of Zero VFX a visual effects and creative studio from Boston.

  • Dan Scarbrough

    Dan Scarbrough

    PR & Sales

    Founder and former CEO of DatacenterDynamics. The leading voice of the Data Center industry

  • David Aronchick

    David Aronchick

    AI Market & Strategy

    Co-Founder of Kubeflow, Head of OS Machine Learning Strategy Microsoft, former Cloud AI Product Manager at Google