Fair Use Policy

Render service fair use policy

LAST REVISED ON 24.02.2021

Scope of policy

Helio connects demand and supply for cloud computing. We connect excess capacity with the demand from apps that require intensive use of computing power, such as simulations, rendering and machine learning.

Our supply is constantly increasing, but there will always be limitations to our capacity. To ensure the best possible experience for all of our customers, we have put in place this fair usage policy ( FUP ), which forms part of our terms of sale.

Reasonable use

We ask that your use of our services be reasonable. This means that we expect your use of available capacity to be consistent with the subscription or package you have purchased.

Excessive use

Excessive use of server capacity by a customer can impair render performance. This has a direct effect on the user experience for other customers. We consider use to be excessive in the following circumstances:

  • You use significantly higher render usage than 95% ofall other customersunder the service you have purchased.
  • Your render files are significantly larger / more complex to render than the sample files provided to us when you asked for a fee estimate.

If, in our opinion, your use of capacity is excessive, we will temporarily de-prioritise your job in the following ways:

  • For use which exceeds the number of rendering hours purchased over a period of 1 week, we will temporarily reduce the server capacity available for your jobs.
  • If your files are 30%more complex than the sample files you provided to us, we will continue to render the files, but at slower speeds, so your job may take longer to render.

If your job is de-prioritised, it will take longer to complete than originally estimated.

We reserve the right to take additional measures such as declining a job, to ensure that available capacity is used in the most efficient way.


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