Wait List

Helio wants a happy ecosystem. Always.

Guaranteed Demand

To guarantee that there is enough demand for your excess capacity, we're constantly improving our platform and partner up with businesses with large scale computing needs.

Staged Onboarding

To match this demand with the supply on our platform in a fair and transparent way, we're onboarding our partners in stages (first-come, first-serve). Therefore we've created a supplier wait list with a setup fee.

Early Adapter Benefits

Helio makes sure that there is enough demand to cover your setup fee within 12 months and generate additional revenue.
You are also able to closely work together with Helio as an early-adopter. This could includes the development of the preferred integration of your technology or a Helio plugin.

Silver 2 of 3 seats

Supply limits as a Silver partner.
  • CPU Cores 0 - 1024
  • RAM 0 - 1280 GB
  • GPUs 0
$ 5,000
Setup Fee
  • Access to the Helio Operators UI.

Gold 2 of 2 seats

Supply limits as a Gold partner.
  • CPU Cores 1024 - 10240
  • RAM 1 - 10 TB
  • GPUs 1 - 10
$ 25,000
Setup Fee
  • Helio Certification (Sell the compute to demand with high security requirements)
  • Additional features on the Helio platform (Revenue forecast, monitoring, insights, trends)
  • Monthly payouts

Platinum 1 seat

Supply limits as a Platinum partner.
  • CPU Cores Unlimited
  • RAM Unlimited
  • GPUs Unlimited
$ 50,000
Setup Fee
  • Designated Key account manager and technical solutions team
  • API to pre-signal available spots of compute to increase utilization further at the right time. This feature is often used to generate heat out of the compute or to do demand-response on the electricity grid with data centers.
  • Integration of 3rd party sources to schedule workloads at the right time
  • Weekly payouts


Can malicious software run on my server?

No, Helio only run certified applications on your server. Every new application is reviewed by our engineers before it's certified.

How is the pricing defined?

The supplier sets a bid by telling Helio the minimum amount they are willing to earn for a running VM per hour. How much the supplier actually ends up earning is often more, and the supplier can change the bid at any time.

How to remove myself from wait list?

You can remove yourself from the wait list without any reason at any time by contacting Helio in any way (e-mail: hello@helio.exchange). We'll pay you your setup fee within 60 days back..