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Render without queues, limits, priorities, or balance top-ups.

USD 0.10

Per Render Unit

87000 k/sample

💰 Pay-as-you-go

💳 Monthly Payment (credit card, wire transfer)

🎉 Transparent costs, no surprising bills

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Save money with risk-free monthly or yearly commitments. Unused render units will be transferred to the next available consumption month.

  • 5% for USD 500.- / month

  • 10% for USD 2500.- / month

  • 15% for USD 10000.- / month

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How It Works

Render Units

With one Render Unit, you get the CPU power of 89’000 k/sample (speed of high-end data center CPUs) for one minute (0.10$).

CPUs are constantly getting faster: we provide more k/sample every quarter for the same price.

Benchmark (k/sample)

Benchmarks measure how fast a CPU can calculate your 3D rendering.

With a score of 89’000 k/samples, your scene gets rendered 2x faster than with a CPU with a score of 44’500 k/samples.

Charging cloud rendering power based on independent benchmarks enables transparency and fair pricing - including comparing different solutions on the market.

Approximate cost calculation

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