Massive Scale Compute at Best Price

Skip provisioning VMs and start computing with one request.


Scale Workloads


Get Massive Scale Workloads Computed

No need to learn all the different tools of each cloud provider. Just send one API request to Helio and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

Spot Compute the Easy Way

Running large-scale workloads on preemptible / spot instances, while having an eye on the cloud bills, is hard. Lean back and let the Helio algorithm do it.

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Run Workloads with one Request

Specify your Workload (e.g. a Container), run it over Helio’s Spot API and start computing

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Empowering Fault-Tolerant Workloads

Use Helio’s Spot Compute for various stateless, fault-tolerant, or flexible applications like Machine Learning, Rendering, Simulations, and Batch Jobs.

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Enabling the Lowest Costs

Helio enables you to take advantage of the spare and excess capacity of data centers around the world and lowers the costs for compute by 30%. (compared to other Spot compute enabled cloud providers.)

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Large Scale, All Clouds

Our Spot Compute API combines the scale of thousands of providers behind one API and lets you execute your workloads at the best price in a fully automated way. One API to rule them all.

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Best Compute for Your Workload

Let Helio’s algorithm decide when it’s the best time to run your job and use the best Spots automatically. By using workloads from our app library, Helio delivers your results always from the most efficient compute (e.g. GPUs).

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Event-Based or Auto Scaling

Trigger scaling events over our API and fully integrate Helio into your workflows. Or specify deadlines / states and Helio scales automatically.

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  • Containerized

    Run containerized workloads directly on Helio’s Computer-Delivery-Network with one request. Specify your Docker registry and environment over the API and start computing.

  • Serverless

    Go serverless for your large-scale workloads with our industry-specific solutions. e.g. Helio’s API for Rendering, Simulations or Machine Learning training.

  • CI/CD Runners

    Utilize Helio’s Gitlab integration and scale your Runners when needed. Accelerate build-times and lower costs within 30 minutes.

  • soon

    Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

    Spin up additional k8s workers with Helio’s k8s cluster autoscaler support. Get the best matching Spot nodes assigned to your cluster within seconds.

Or build anything you need fast scaling compute for by using our simple Spot API.

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