Why Helio

Carbon-Aware Cloud Computing

Optimizing for emissions, costs and ease-of-use for large-scale computing jobs.


Economical cloud computing for the planet and people.

Idle Compute

Over 80% of all computing resources are sitting idle and are being wasted because they aren't accessible in an efficient way. Demand for computing power is growing faster than ever before.

Helio connects these resources over our platform.

Green Data Center

Data Centers consume over 5% of the global energy. They are often powered by coal or gas.

Helio can automatically shift workload towards data centers that run on sustainable energy like wind or solar within seconds.

Carbon Aware

Cloud computing will contribute around 7% of the global emissions until 2030.

Helio introduces carbon-aware computing for everyone to reduce emissions drastically.


Executing your workload on the best resources.

Match Making

Comparing offers, finding the best providers, and constantly optimizing costs in the cloud is a big challenge.

Imagine a solution that matches and runs workloads with economically and technically most efficient resources. Automatically.

AI Driven/Optimized

Benchmarking and optimizing workloads for cloud platforms, hardware, and software need continuous efforts. Constantly changing factors like new machine types, software updates, or pricing rapidly influences the total cost of ownership.

Helio’s intelligent algorithm finds the right computing resources based on countless experiences and data (AL/ML) and continuously optimizes for the best results.

Hyper Scaling

Operating large-scale workloads comes with challenges: Cloud quotas, preemptive / spot events, regional rebalancing, and prices can easily occupy the whole operation and engineering team.

With Helio’s hyper scaling solution, workloads are automatically shifted between regions, clouds, and constantly make sure your workloads are executed at the lowest possible costs, best carbon footprint, and right scale.


Democratize compute, empowering anyone.

API First

Setup and maintaining cloud infrastructure is still very complex.

Helio's Standardized APIs remove the complexity from the infrastructure layers and let developers and consumers focus on their primary goals: delivering value to their customers!

Connecting Compute

There is no open solution where public clouds, data centers, hosting providers, and others can sell excess computing power.

With Helio, everyone is invited! Connect and sell your computing resources on Helio's spot market for computing.


Cloud computing pricing is often not transparent and hides high costs like network egress or storage.

Helio's platform will always be transparent. For example, on the process of how the AI finds the right resource. Additionally, the cloud price index brings long awaited transparency to the cloud market.