We Democratize Compute

We democratize compute, empowering anyone who is using technology to solve the world’s most complex challenges.

The Cloud is Broken

80-90% Sitting Idle

Between 80-90% of server capacity in the world is sitting idle.

Growing Demand

Demand for computing power is growing faster than ever before.

Time to Connect

Platform to Connect Demand and Supply

Creating the first marketplace for compute enables provider and consumers to connect. Execute large scale workloads or sell your (spare) compute easily.

  • Balance supply and demand
  • Democratize compute
  • Enable fair and transparent pricing

Simple, Yet Powerful API

Helio: Run Spot Compute
▶ helio spot run -c ./spot.config.json
▶ -----
▶ Initializing spot job
▶ Done
▶ -----
▶ Scaling to 42 instances
▶ The answer to life, the universe and everything computed
Helio: Running Rendering
Helio: Finished Simulation

Execute Your Workload with Ease

Developers specify a workload, run it over the Spot API (REST) and always consume the best price and massive scale. Serverless Computing for large-scale jobs like Rendering or Machine Learning is available via specific APIs.

Good for the Environment


Helio accelerates the Shift towards Sustainable Cloud Computing

Through Helio's easy to use and integrate APIs for ordering Computing Power, it's easier than ever to make your workloads utilise idling resources.

Enabling Truly Sustainable Compute

Helio's algorithm enables that workloads use compute powered by energy from actual renewable sources instead of purchased renewable energy certificates (PPAs).
Thanks to Helio's virtualisation layer spanning countless data centers across the globe, Helio furthermore moves redundancy to the software layer.

Having questions?

Read in detail about how run your workload on Helio and how to provide your idling capacity to Helio.

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