Additional Revenue from Your Idle Compute

Sell your excess and spare capacity on the new global spot market for compute.


Idling Server

80-90% Sitting Idle

Between 80-90% of server capacity in the world is sitting idle. With that comes lost of potential revenue.

Berkeley Energy Lab, 2016

CO2 Emission by Energy Consumption

While your servers are idling, they still consume Energy and produce CO2 without being utilized.

Additional Revenue

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Excess Capacity

Helio monetizes your excess capacity (spot instances) by connecting it with the demand of compute intense apps (like Simulations, Rendering or Machine Learning).

Calculate how much additional revenue you could earn.

E.g. N2-Standard-2 with 2 vCPUs and 8GB RAM

Potential extra revenue per month

$ 13.61

Connect Easily

Quick Setup

The setup is done quickly and guided by our top engineers.

No Maintenance

Helio takes care of maintaining the software on the provided VMs.

Full Control

At any time you can get back your full compute capacity within 60s.

Global Spot Market

Helio finds the right compute for your compute capacity.

Certified Workloads

Helio only run certified and secured workloads.

Guaranteed Workload

Helio guarantees a certain amount of yearly workload.

Our Promise

& Certified

Helio certifies data centers, establishes the legal framework to connect demand and supply and provides the technical security layers (like end-to-end encryption) between the participants on the platform.

& Dynamic

To enable high portability and fast deployments, Helio's platform is based on containerized workloads and cloud native principles. All workloads are executed based on the serverless computing and pay-per-use pricing model.

& Scaling

Helio's algorithm finds the best compute for the workloads. Specify parameters like region, latency, time to complete and security levels and Helio connects you fully automated with the best and most efficient compute resources for your workloads, and autoscales them when needed.

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