Can malicious software run on my server?

No, Helio only run certified applications on your server. Every new application is reviewed by our engineers before it's certified.

How is the pricing defined?

The supplier sets a bid by telling Helio the minimum amount they are willing to earn for a running VM per hour. How much the supplier actually ends up earning is often more, and the supplier can change the bid at any time.

How to remove myself from wait list?

You can remove yourself from the wait list without any reason at any time by contacting Helio in any way (e-mail: hello@helio.exchange). We'll pay you your setup fee within 60 days back..

Can I change my package later?

Yes you can change your package at any time. The difference in setup fees will be charged or return within 60 days.

How does the certification process work?

Depending on the chosen supply package, Helio will certify your data center and compute resources and let you qualify for different types of workloads assigned by the matchmaking algorithm. The certification process includes checking ISO standards, reviewing data center energy mix and other factors.

What workload types do you run on my servers?

Helio makes sure, that only certified and secure workloads (in containers) are executed on the suppliers computer resources.

The apps certification process includes the following steps amongst other things: Automated Docker images reviews, Manual checks by our security team, Monitoring of network connections

To make sure Helio doesn’t compete with the suppliers business, Helio commits to only execute the following type of workloads: Rendering (CGI), Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, Simulation (CFD, HPC), Generic “terminating” workloads (e.g. Batch Jobs)

The supplier can change the allowed workload types without any reason at any time by contacting Helio in any way.

How can I terminate Helios workload on my server?

Possible ways are: API calls, ACPI G2 Soft Off signals and Shutdown script.

What happens if a VM crashes or is terminated by myself?

If the supplier stops the VM or the machine is crashing without prior notice of 60 seconds, the earned compensation during the VMs availability could be lost partly or fully.

I have another question.

Please feel free to contact us via email: hello@helio.exchange.