The dawn of sustainable computing

About Helio

The autonomous cloud computing exchange.

Utilize idling computing

Today 86% of servers are running idle. Why not put all this computing capacity to work, making it accessible for Open Source, Research, HPC and Artificial Intelligence innovators? Well, we are!
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Sustainable Data Centers

Distribute cloud computing workloads to idle, high performance computing containers. Produce carbon neutral heat out of the computing and heat up nearby districts. Sounds awesome? It is! Do you want to learn more about it? Get in touch with us

Get computing power

Our vendorless computing network allows for jobs of any size and complexity to be done at the most affordable prizes.
We offer free compute for OpenSource, NGO and Education projects.


Sell computing power

Selling your computing resources has never been easier thanks to our AI-based workload management and advanced security features.
No matter what kind of hardware you have, we'd love hearing about it!


Our Vision

Today's computing infrastructure is built for peak scenarios (like black friday sales), and then left idling most of the time. The Industry's average utilization rate is estimated at 14%. On the other hand, a lot of exciting new tools and companies depend heavily on high performance computing to solve tomorrow's problems, but they can't access these idle resources and the Cloud is still way too expensive at scale.

At the Forefront of Innovation

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Software Engineer

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DevOps Engineer

Who are we?

We are a small, ambitious and fast-growing, forward-thinking company with computing on our minds.

What are we doing?

We overtake the elephants by our unique learning cycles and building the right product for the right market.

We are hiring!

Awesome! Drop us a note if you think you'd fit the team in any role or way!